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Royal Bay Care Homes

Royal Bay Residential Testimonials

Dear Beverley,
I would like to express our sincere grateful thanks for your care and for the care given ________ by your staff during the ten years of her life at the Royal Bay. I am joined in this by my wife ____, by my two brothers, my sister and my nieces _________ and _______ who both visited her whenever they could.
My father and mother chose very wisely and were very fortunate to be accepted by the Royal Bay, but it was really ______ recommendation arising from her time as the Chichester Health Authority Inspector for Dual Registered Homes applying the 1984 Act.
How things have changed since 1984, and we have always felt reassured to know that whatever stories broke in the press we never had any concerns for the welfare and happiness of _______ and ______. This is a rare but cherished comfort to those with parents in care.
It is not easy to run a 24 hour care facility as I know from my veterinary hospital in Portsouth, and I wish you and your excellent and friendly team continued success in all your efforts.
With our warm regards,
Mr. P.